Behind the Camera



Rebecca specializes in Photographic Art and is well known and respected for her photography and project management, including for and of community events and large projects.

A recent review of her portfolio noted that she is intelligently creative, has a superb eye for composition and a sensitive approach, complimented by excellent technical skills, is observant, respectful, and that unique combination creates beautiful connected photography that moves the viewer.

Rebecca has a Bachelor of Arts, was in the process of an Honours in Philosophy with a thesis on ethics when she deferred to enter the workforce. She has always been engaged in her community, even receiving a discerning privileged award a year younger and earlier in the history of the award, “way-back” in year 11 for her outstanding commitment to leadership and community, which is an important value for her today also.

Being a lover and observer of natural light, natural moments, seeing the value and spirit in all things is her modus operandi. Capturing and sharing these moments with those around her in still photography, and video, via print and screen, exhibiting, and large scale ‘moving’ pieces is a unique and creative approach that shows a lot of flexibility and true love and understanding of light and shadow.

Quality and integrity are just as important to Rebecca as creativity, combined with a gentle, respectful unobtrusive approach.

Rebecca says in terms of her portraiture:

“Each individual person directly influences my inspiration for the photos & styles of each portrait, and my goal was to honour each person, reflect their diversity, & capture their essence in doing so.

It reminds us all to celebrate the differences the similarities, the resilience in ourselves and within each other.

It raises appreciation of one another and continues to uplift and inspire others.

Honouring and appreciating the natural world is one of Rebecca’s greatest loves, as will be noted, when viewing her in depth personal photographic library collection (or if you have been to her one of her presentations).

Many will be familiar with her environmental focused photographs that capture the innate beauty of the natural world, especially her macro photography, as well as her large scale B&W Portraiture exhibition that toured in 2013 called “Resilience”, her more recent exhibition of B&W portraits entitled “MANU [Mankind]” and her large-scale Projection piece, of blended stills photography and video, combined with research, for “Hoofprints in the Sand”, as first exhibited at the Torquay High Tide Festival, celebrating the towns special history of the largest Light Horse encampment.