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Geelong Indy Newspaper – 21st July 2017 Cover


Geelong Indy Newspaper – 7th July 2017 “Janne Kearney” Artist Article


Geelong Coast Magazine – Winter 2017 Wedding Feature


Geelong Coast Kids Magazine – Winter 2017 Cover & Various Article pics


Geelong Indy Magazine – June 2017 “Muay Thai Mum”

Geelong Indy Magazine – June 2017 Cover & various article pics


Geelong Coast Magazine – Autumn 2017 Cover & various article pics


Geelong Coast Magazine – March 2017 “She’s a winner”



Geelong Coast Magazine – March 2017 “Local Love – Nicki and Dane”

The Weekly Review, Geelong – March 2016 Cover


The Weekly Review, Geelong – March 2016 “Wendy Grose, Opera Singer”

Meet the Geelong opera singer who’s travelled the world performing.

If you are walking along the beach at Jan Juc over the next few weeks, you may be lucky enough to be treated to a sneak preview of the German opera Ariadne auf Naxos as Wendy Grose prepares for the title role in the 100-year-old masterpiece.

Survive & Thrive Project – Hardcover Book Feb 2016


A community driven project, the Anglesea Fire Education Initiative is a partnership between Anglesea Fire Brigade and the Anglesea Primary School. The partnership arose from a mutual vision to create a generational change in our community through our primary school kids.

Manu [Mankind] Project – article in The Echo Newspaper 2015

Resilient Australia Awards – Article 2015

2015 Resilient Australia Awards

Article Key to a more resilient Australia is recognising that resilience is not just the domain of the emergency services, but also business, community organisations and individuals. By celebrating innovation and best practice, the Resilient Australia Awards showcase work that is often unrecognised, inspiring others to think about how they can be more disaster resilient.

Resilience Project – Hardcover Book July 2015


Exploring the theme of resilience and women, “Resilience” is a collection of B&W portraits, which celebrates cultural diversity, strength, and contributions women make to their community. Created to celebrate International Women’s Day. Photographer Rebecca Hosking captures the unique essence of each individual woman, as reflected in the style and mood of each portrait, using only the available light at the time of the shoot.

– Article in The Echo Newspaper 2013

Anglesea Fire Station installation – cinnamonsart.com

House Adornments

Angela’s stairwell panels

Biannual Newsletter of BirdLife Australia’s Beach-nesting Birds Program 2014 (page 14)



Surf Coast Times – Nov 2014 – “Hoof Prints in the Sand” Project

– Article in ‘Horse Downunder’ magazine

– Article in Surf Coast Times