Friends of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary

Friends of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary exhibition:

An exhibition to raise the appreciation of the marine diversity of the Surf Coast, especially, at Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary (ERMS), in Aireys Inlet.

The project was a photographic exhibition and identification of species in the intertidal zone by the ERMS community group, curated by photographer Rebecca Hosking, designed to increase knowledge, appreciation and interest in the marine world. The exhibition, showcased at Eagles Nest Gallery, in Aireys Inlet, was titled “Between A Rock and A Hard Place”. The photographs and identification of the species discovered during this project is available in the form of a published Identification Field Guide titled “Eagles Rock Marine Sanctuary Intertidal Field Guide”. It is available directly from the Friends of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary and also through environmental group Angair.

Invitations to extend the exhibition are welcome.

Rebecca Hosking Dive Photos | Friends of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary

FERMS are luckly to have Rebecca Hosking as a member. A renowned local photographer who has already captured many images above and below the water. Rebecca’s images are used throughout our website; FERMS thanks Rebecca for these wonderful shots taken on a recent dive at the sanctuary.